Wednesday, February 03, 2010

c-amplify prototype available

I've uploaded the c-amplify to gitorious so people can look at the code. It's pretty rough around the edges right now (it's a rant-fueled hack after all), but here's a basic guide to getting started:
  • Clone the repository here:
  • Get the excellent cl-match library and add it to your central ASDF registry
  • Load the c-amplify ASDF system into your lisp (Clozure and SBCL on Win32 should work well, it's what I'm using)
  • In the :se.defmacro.c-amplify package, evaluate this from the REPL:
    • (load-csys-file #p"test-input/test.csys")
    • (update-system (find-system :core))
  • You should now have an amplified core.c file that you can examine (and eventually compile, once a lot of quirks have been worked out in c-amplify itself) :)
As always, feel free to leave your comments.