Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vista and Visual Studio, Oil and Water

So I've installed Vista (Ultimate, in fact), but Visual Studio 2005 seems like a terrible Vista citizen. In order to run it you need to apply the service pack, but also a beta version of a hotfix package. Even then, Microsoft recommends you run Visual Studio as Administrator. Now, I ask myself: Does compiling source code demand complete access to the entire box? On Vista, that's apparently the case. It seemed to work fine on XP. Now to the most juicy bug of the day. Once you've started a debugging session from within Visual Studio, the target EXE file becomes locked. Closing Visual Studio removes the lock, but the devenv process doesn't hold any handles to the file. What gives? I'm starting to suspect that the SUA services might have something to do with this, so they're uninstalling right now. It's pretty annoying to restart the IDE after each debugging session to be able to recompile. Update I've identified SUA to be the problem. After uninstalling the SDK and removing the windows services it installs, I can recompile and debug again.. For now.

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